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Our company

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Our company

Nykredit was founded by homeowners – for homeowners – with the clear objective to make it possible for all Danes to own their own home. We are a customer-driven financial mutual – and have been for more than 160 years.

Banking and mortgage lending are our core business areas, and in addition to being Denmark's largest lender we are also one of the largest private bond issuers in Europe. We also have activities within insur-ance, leasing, pension and estate agency business.

Homeowners can feel safe with Nykredit. We know our homeowners extremely well as we have financed their homes since 1851. We want to be Danish homeowners' preferred financial partner and their first choice in all housing matters. This is achieved by providing the highest quality advice and the best offers and services. In everything we do we strive to provide homeowners with that little something extra that makes them choose us as their competent financial partner.

At the same time, we are developing and expanding the Totalkredit partnership. We want our 61 local and regional partner banks to feel that we share our expertise and capacity and offer competence, respect and a determination to establish joint solutions leading to joint synergies.

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