Our company

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Our company

Nykredit is one of Denmark's leading financial services providers with commercial and mortgage banking as cornerstones. In addition, Nykredit has activities within insurance, leasing, pension and estate agency business.

Largest lender
The Nykredit Group is the largest lender in Denmark and one of the major private bond issuers in Europe.


Nykredit in brief

  • Founded in 1851 under the name of Nykredit since 1985
  • Main activities are commercial and mortgage banking
  • Other activities are insurance, leasing, pension and estate agency business
  • 4,100 staff
  • Group profit before tax: DKK 3,205m (2012)
  • Market share of mortgage banking: 43% (2012)
  • Market share of commercial banking: 5.7% (2012)
  • Products and services are sold under two brands: Nykredit and Totalkredit
  • The estate agency business operates under the two brands Nybolig and Estate.
    From 1851 a number of mortgage associations were established in Denmark of which 16 merged in 1972 into Forenede Kreditforeninger and Jyllands Kreditfor- ening, respectively.

The story of Nykredit


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