Nykredit's approach to corporate social responsibility

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Nykredit's corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Nykredit's business concept Financial Sustainability describes our way of conducting business. Long-term relations as well as awareness of our social responsibility are integral elements of Nykredit's business.

To Nykredit, corporate social responsibility is far more than compliance with the letter and spirit of rules and regulations. Nykredit takes it further.

As a customer
You receive holistic advisory services that provide perspective and improve your options. Nykredit: 

  • Has introduced a model for advisory interviews with our customers to ensure a systematic and holistic approach to your financial situation.
  • Grants loans on the basis of the mortgage payments of fixed-rate loans with principal payments. 
  • Has established a Complaints unit and appointed a customer ambassador to maintain the good dialogue between you as a customer and Nykredit.   
  • Has set up a hotline for financially distressed customers seeking advice on how to get their finances back on track.  
  • Has drawn up a socially responsible investment policy (SRI) to inform you as an investor of our measures to ensure responsible handling of your funds. 
  • Has adopted the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, UNPRI, and twice a year, our investment portfolios are screened to ensure compliance with these principles. A list of companies that do not meet the requirements of Nykredit's policy has been published.

As a business partner
You experience competence, respect and determination to realise mutual benefits. Nykredit: 

  • Has established portals to assist business relations.
  • Provides its business relations with expertise. 

As an investor

You are offered a broad range of investment options with focus on security and transparency. Nykredit:

  • Has a professional website – Investor Relations – which gives a clear and current picture of the Danish bond market and Nykredit.
  • Provides relevant and concise information for investors. 
  • Works towards a secure and efficient bond market.
  • Adapts its product range to meet the demands of the investor groups, also in the long term.  
  • Plans its bond issues to the benefit of borrowers, investors and the stability of the financial system.

As a staff member
You have room to unfold your full potential while maintaining a work-life balance. Nykredit strives to be one of the most attractive and challenging workplaces in Denmark because we focus on:
  • Resource mobility – one of the fundamental business concepts behind the Group strategy. Consequently, efforts are focused on the balance between recruitment and career development and on strengthening our intercompany recruitment
  • Work-life balance – including the development of a life phase model, which through perspective and flexibility couples commitment and ambitions with needs and wishes for different phases in life. 
  • Competence development and career opportunities through certified intercompany training as well as external courses. 
  • Diversity – among other initiatives, Nykredit has signed a Charter for more women in management and participates in the integration projects of the Danish financial sector.


    As a member of society
    As a member of society, you can expect us to contribute to securing a stable and efficient financial market, while maintaining a broad sense of community. Nykredit: 
  • Is solidly behind the efforts to stabilise the financial markets, including co-financing of the bank rescue package
  • Has a sustainable capital policy with an adequate buffer to uphold lending in favourable as well as adverse economic trends, thereby counteracting the negative effects of recession.  
  • Actively works to contribute knowledge within our field of competence to our stakeholders.
  • Has adopted the UN programme for sustainable companies, Global Compact.
  • Nykredit will be implementing an environment and climate strategy up to 2020, which also focuses on the climate impact of Nykredit's activities and changes to our own conduct. Nykredit's total CO2 emission must be reduced by 65% relative to 2012 levels.
  • Has initiated the New Network project that provides mentors for young non-ethnic Danes applying for work in the Danish labour market.
  • Forms part of a social partnership – Råd til livet – with the Mary Foundation, Mødrehjælpen (a private humanitarian organisation for vulnerable families with children) and Foreningen Østifterne. In addition to financial support, Nykredit also encourages staff to offer free and independent financial advice to battered women and other women at risk in the metropolitan area.
  • Sponsors and supports Louisiana, the Royal Danish Theatre, the National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen Business School and is part of a social partnership with the Mary Foundation.
  • Has a professional website – Investor Relations – which gives a clear and current picture of the Danish bond market and Nykredit. Has established portals to assist business relations.


CSR Report 2014


Financial Sustainability

As a market player, Nykredit's business concept is financial sustainability.