Social responsibility

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Nykredit's business concept Financial Sustainability describes our way of conducting business. Long-term relations as well as awareness of our social responsibility are integral elements of Nykredit's business.

Nykredit assumes corporate social responsibility when you 

  • as a customer receive holistic advisory services that provide perspective and improve your options 
  • as a business partner experience competence, respect and determination to realise mutual benefits
  • as an investor are offered a broad range of investment options with focus on security and transparency
  • as a staff member have room to unfold your full potential while maintaining a work-life balance
  • as a member of society can expect us to contribute to securing a stable and efficient financial market, while maintaining a broad sense of community.

Sustainable conduct

Nykredit is committed to complying with the 10 principles on sustainable conduct.

Sustainable investment

Nykredit incorporates environmental, social and corporate governance issues into its entire investment process.

Climate and environmental targets

Nykredit has set a target to achieve an absolute reduction of 65% of our total CO2 emission by end-2020.

Social initiatives

Nykredit possesses competencies which we make available for a number of ongoing social projects and partnerships.

CSR Report 2014


Financial Sustainability

As a market player, Nykredit's business concept is financial sustainability.