Lending in the UK

Commercial Lending - Lending in the UK

Primary properties subject to financing:

  •  Offices
  •  Retail 
  •  Residential

Key characteristics:

  • Income producing properties in established locations
  • Certainty of future rental income and minimal tenant risk
  • No development financing 

General business terms:

  • Maximum 60 per cent loan to value 
  • Loan term up to 5 years
  • Repayment profile is individually negotiated
  • Loans are offered in GBP
  • Loans are offered based on Libor or fixed interest rates
  • Loan and security documentation is subject to UK legislation
  • The property is valued by an authorised UK valuer instructed by Nykredit
  • All costs, including legal fees are payable by the borrower
  • Minimum loan amount GBP 10m

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Account Manager

Tel:+45 4455 2080

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