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Retail Lending - Nykredit International

Nykredit offers mortgage loans for properties in France or Spain to all Scandinavians. English-speaking visitors will find information about Nykredit's home financing here. Our website is also available in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

About us
Nykredit is Denmark's largest mortgage bank and one of the largest private bond issuers in Europe. In August 2011, Nykredit's total mortgage lending came to EUR 140,7bn, and Nykredit had a market share of 46,3 % of mortgage lending in Denmark.

Types of lending
In 2003, Nykredit introduced mortgage loans secured against property in France. Today Nykredit funds mortgage loans for Scandinavians in France and Spain, our primary lending areas being the French and Spanish Mediterranean coasts.

Nykredit's representative offices
Nykredit's headquarters are in Copenhagen, and we have offices in Cannes, Alicante and Marbella. You are welcome to pay us a visit and learn more about equity release or the purchase of a permanent residence or holiday home. Our business partners include advisers in France and Spain, and we cooperate with local estate agents, attorneys and tax advisers who speak English or a Scandinavian language.

We offer you advice in your new country

Purchasing property abroad and moving away for a shorter or longer period is a major decision.  Nykredit will help you and guide you in the right direction, and we can help you finance your dream property at favourable loan terms. Your dreams can come true - thanks to our local presence. We are on the spot. You may reap the benefits of our local presence when you need information and advice on your new country.

Retail Lending - Nykredit International
Retail Lending - Nykredit International
Retail Lending - Nykredit International

Refinansing April 2014

Refinansing of the adjustable-rate mortgages and the floating-rate loans will commence in April 2014. Read more about it here.

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The process, step by step

Nykredit guides you through the entire process. Learn more about the many facets of mortgage financing.

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