ECBC cover pool data


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Nykredit rating

 Nykredit Realkredit A/S  S&P  Fitch
 Covered Bonds    
 Capital Centre H (covered bonds, SDO)  AAA  
 Capital Centre E (covered bonds, SDO)  AAA  
 Capital Centre G (covered bonds, RO)  AAA  
 Capital Centre I (covered bonds, RO)  AAA  
 Capital Centre D (covered bonds, RO)  AAA  
 Capital Centre C (covered bonds, RO)  AAA  
 Nykredit in General (covered bonds, RO)  AAA  
 Senior secured bonds (junior covered bonds)    
 Capital Centre D (senior secured debt, JCB)  A+ *)  
 Capital Centre E (senior secured debt, JCB)  A+ *)  
 Capital Centre H (senior secured debt, JCB)  A+ *)  
 Unsecured debt    
 Short unsecured rating  A-1  F1
 Long unsecured rating  A **)  A
 Capital instruments    
 Additional Tier 1  BB+  BB +
 Contingent Capital Notes (Tier 2)  BBB  BBB
 Tier 2  BBB  A-

 Totalkredit A/S  S&P  Fitch
 Capital Centre C (covered bonds, RO)  AAA  

 Nykredit Bank A/S  S&P  Fitch
 Short-term deposit rating  A-1  F1
 Long-term deposit rating  A **)  A
 Euro MTN Program    
 - Short-term senior debt  A-1  F1
 - Long-term senior debt  A  A
 Euro Commercial Paper and Certificate of Deposit Program    
 - Short-term senior debt  A-1  F1

  *) Credit Watch Negative
  **) Negative Outlook