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Nykredit Markets - Credit & Equity Products


We provide advice and services to the Group's active investment clients within equities and bonds on the basis of our research and recommendations. We offer clients active advice and updates on corporate bonds, equities, government bonds and mortgage/covered bonds. Advisory services are centre around individual asset classes and/or active advice on the allocation between individual asset classes on the basis of the client's individual risk profile.

Our client portfolio includes wealthy private individuals, investment companies, businesses and financial institutions.

Credit Research

Nykredit Markets, Credit Research, is responsible for research on corporate bonds. The team prepares research material on specific corporate bonds and is responsible for Nykredit Markets's view on the corporate bond market in general.

Our research universe consists of carefully selected companies and bond series that are monitored closely. Recommendations are based on comprehensive, in-depth research on the specific company, documentation and market conditions. In addition, we issue publications covering current market themes.

Equity Research  

Nykredit Markets, Equity Research, prepares strategic and thematic research, sector research and company-specific research. Equity Research is responsible for Nykredit Markets's view on the general development in the equity market.

At company level, focus is primarily on Danish equities and secondarily on selected Northern European equities. Our research covers around 30 Danish companies on an ongoing basis, including continuous monitoring of their competitors.

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 Jan Svane 
 Senior Vice
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 Nicolai W.
 von Wenckheim
 Klaus Brokholm

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