Debt Capital Markets

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Nykredit Markets - Debt Capital Markets

Debt Capital Markets (DCM) provides our Danish, Nordic and international clients with financing and capital primarily through their issuances of listed as well as unlisted bonds and private placements.

Our clients are mainly financial institutions, corporates and SSA’s.

As the largest issuer of listed bonds in Europe and as one of the leading players in the Danish and the Nordic capital markets, Nykredits DCM offers competent and targeted advice as well as relevant research, efficient execution, documentation and distribution of bond issues.

Our placing power includes extensive coverage of investors in the Nordic region paired with a solid focus on Central- and Northern European investors, as well as Central Banks across the globe.

Contact Debt Capital Markets

 Jan K. Villadsen
 Senior Vice President,
 Head of Debt
 Capital Markets
 +45 44 55 12 90 


Niels Mikael Aavild Henrik K. Asmussen
Vice President

Head of MTN Origination

and Syndication

Tlf. 44 55 34 66 Tlf. 44 55 11 28


Jonas Harbo Torben Jensen Ditte Sveidahl
Vice President
Senior Coordinator
Tlf. 44 55 22 77 Tlf. 44 55 19 49 Tlf. 44 55 19 94