Debt Capital Markets

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Nykredit Markets - Debt Capital Markets

The market for corporate and credit bond financing is likely to continue growing in the coming years. This will enable our clients to raise competitive financing and capital.

Debt Capital Markets (DCM) provides capital market finance through our clients' issuance of bonds sold through our distribution channels in Denmark, the Nordic region and Northern Europe.

We work closely together with our clients, who are mainly financial institutions as well as companies and public lenders requiring supplementary or alternative financing channels to bank financing.

As an example of our competencies, Nykredit has taken the lead in the Danish capital market by arranging bond issues that meet the new capital requirements (ie Basel III for banks and Solvency II for insurers) for a number of companies in the financial system.

Add to this a large number of bond issues for Danish and international clients, primarily based in the Nordic region.

As one of the leading players in the Danish and Nordic capital markets, DCM offers competent and targeted advice as well as efficient execution, documentation and sale of issues.

Contact Debt Capital Markets

 Jan K. Villadsen
 Senior Vice
 +45 44 55 12 90 


 Torben Jensen  Jonas Harbo  Ditte Sveidahl
 Chief Dealer  Dealer   Seniorcoordinator
 +45 44 55 19 49   +45 44 55 22 77    +45 44 55 19 94