Business concept: Financial sustainability

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Business concept: Financial sustainability

A changing society needs sound financial enterprises to foster changes and secure sustainable short and long-term financial solutions.

As a market player, Nykredit's business concept is financial sustainability.

This means that we

  • operate on the basis of a sharply defined ethical frame of reference and long-term relationships
  • create new and dynamic opportunities for customers and investors
  • value balanced risk management and a strong capital structure.


This means that you

  • as a customer receive holistic advisory services that provide perspective and improve your options
  • as a business partner experience competence, respect and determination to realise mutual benefits
  • as an investor are offered a broad range of investment options with focus on security and transparency
  • as a staff member have room to unfold your full potential while maintaining a balance between your work and home life
  • as a member of society can expect us to contribute to securing a stable and efficient financial market, while maintaining a broad sense of community.


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