Nykredit's environment and climate policy

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Nykredit's environment and climate policy

Nykredit's environmental policy is based on our business concept of Financial Sustainability. Financial Sustainability promises balance and lasting relations.

The impacts on the environment are a serious challenge to society. Being one of Denmark's largest financial businesses, we share a responsibility for contributing to a long-term environmental response.

We are working to improve the environment:

  • Through dialogue to motivate our staff, suppliers and customers to consider the environment
  • By always containing Nykredit's own environmental impact
  • By including environmental aspects in the development of products, concepts and advisory services, whenever relevant.

We have identified the following focus areas in respect of the Group's environmental efforts:

In-house environmental activities
Our in-house environmental activities focus on:

  • Developing and supporting Nykredit's values, principles and competences relating to the environment
  • Systematic follow-up on Nykredit's environmental policy through an internal environmental management system, which is also to ensure that targets are set for our initiatives
  • Environmentally conscious purchasing of goods and services
  • Enhancing awareness of Nykredit's environmental activities through reporting and other communication.

Customers and products
Customer-oriented activities focus on:

  • Including environmental considerations in our daily work whenever relevant
  • Developing concepts, products and advisory services stimulating the environmental awareness and investments of our customers and primary stakeholders.

Climate initiatives and partnerships
Society-oriented activities focus on:

  • Supporting communication and the employment of new green knowledge and technology
  • Sharpening focus on the environment through partnerships, sponsorships and dialogue with our stakeholders.

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Financial Sustainability

As a market player, Nykredit's business concept is financial sustainability.

Environment and climate policy

We are working to improve the environment and climate.