Nykredit is the world’s largest issuer of covered bonds backed by mortgages. Covered bonds are issued at a wide variety of maturities and under different structures. The majority of the bonds are issued in DKK, but Nykredit is also a regular issuer of covered bonds denominated in EUR and SEK.

Refinancing auctions

Nykredit is conducting refinancing auctions from February 04 to February 08 2019. The total bond offering comprises 39DKKbn. In the auction period, the below Excel document will be updated dayily with auction results.

Latest auction results

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Auction Terms

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Historical auctions

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Nykredit bond information

In order to maintain a high level of transparency in the Danish mortgage bond market, Nykredit publish a number of data for bond investors. The purpose is to support effective pricing of callable covered bonds by providing data that can be used to model debtor’s prepayment behavior.


Nykredit funds most of its lending via the capital markets and access to these markets are therefor important for the Goup’s ability to extend new loans and roll over funding.

Nykredit’s covered bonds are rated by S&P Global Ratings. The covered bonds rated by S&P have been assigned a AAA rating.

Both S&P Global Ratings and Fitch have assigned short and long term ratings to companies within Nykredit Group. 

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Funding programs

Nykredit issues all of its covered bonds under the same base prospectus, while most other debt is issued under the EMTN-programme. However some older debt and capital instruments are issued under separate documentation. On this page you can find documentation for bonds issued by Nykredit Group.

Active prospectuses

Active prospectuses

Historical prospectuses

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Final terms

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Senior Resolution Notes

Nykredit was the first bank in Europe to issue contractual non-preferred senior debt. We call this type of debt Senior Resolution Notes (SRN). The first two benchmark issues were issued in the summer of 2016 where the second transaction reopened the market for EUR senior debt after the Brexit vote. Nykredit’s first SRN transaction received the “Eurodeal of the year 2016”-award from IFR Magazine.

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