Nykredit's green bonds

Responsibility is incorporated in our business strategy: “We want to be the customer-owned, responsible financial provider for people and businesses all over Denmark.”

We are committed to supporting our customers in making sustainable choices through a higher share of positive impact financing across a wide range of products. With our Green Bond Frameworks we aim to channel more investments towards sustainable assets, thereby increasing the positive environmental impact.

We want to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of our lending and investment activities. And we can make the greatest difference by using our business as a lever to make it easier and more attractive for homeowners and businesses to make green choices.

Michael Rasmussen, Group Chief Executive of Nykredit.

Nykredit may issue Green Bonds in various formats such as Covered Bonds, Senior Preferred Debt, Senior Non-Preferred Debt, and Subordinated Debt.

The Frameworks sets the basis for the identification, selection, verification and reporting of green loans or other assets. The Green Bond Framework as of 2019 applies to Nykredit's outstanding green bonds issued in SEK. The Framework of 2020 applies to Green Bonds issued in DKK. 

An independent evaluation of Nykredit’s Green Bond Frameworks has been carried out by Sustainalytics, being of the opinion that it is impactful and aligned with the four components of the International Capital Market Association’s Green Bond Principles 2018.

In addition, the Danish engineer company MOE has conducted an independent report on Danish Energy Labels and Energy Efficient Properties on behalf of Nykredit.

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