Financial reporting

"Our performance in 2017 builds on Nykredit's efforts in recent years aimed at making the Group more profitable, efficient and customer-centric. Also, Nykredit's capital position has been stabilised, and we now have a firm grip on fundamentals: Costs, earnings, distribution and capital. We are now able to put more energy into improving customer experiences."

Michael Rasmussen
Group Chief Executive

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Financial results full year 2017

Net profit (DKKbn)
10.9 %
Return on equity after tax
3 %
Increase in Net interest income

Financial reports

Financial reports


Financial reports


Historical Financial reports

2000 - 2017

Conference call

Listen to the most recent presentations of Nykredit's quarterly results.

Fact Book

Nykredit’s financial Fact Book is updated quarterly. It covers financial statistics, key ratios, risk metrics and cover pool data. The data in the Fact Book is unaudited.

CET 1 ratio
Market share, domestic lending

Monthly credit data on mortgage lending

Loans in arrears

Download statistics on mortgage loans in arrears. Data is updated on a regular basis.

Properties foreclosed

Nykredit occasionally has to foreclose on delinquent customer. Here you can find data on the number of properties that Nykredit has taken over via forced sales.


Pursuant to s 27a(1) of the Danish Securities Trading Act, Nykredit Realkredit A/S and Totalkredit A/S hereby publish prepayment data (CK93)