Tuesday, 7. November 2017

Forenet Kredit recommends sale of shares

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Financial reporting

Nykredit publishes its accounts quarterly. In addition to quarterly interim reports Nykredit publishes an annual report, CSR report and Capital and Risk Management Report (Pillar 3 report) once a year.

"Nykredit continues to make good progress, delivering a record-high financial performance for Q3. This underlines recent years' efforts to reshape Nykredit into a more customer-centric, efficient and profitable business. We have recorded growth and higher earnings in all business areas, and we have consolidated our market positions."

Michael Rasmussen
Group Chief Executive

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Conference call

Listen to the most recent presentations of Nykredit's quarterly results.

Financial results – Q1-Q3 2017

Net profit (DKKbn)
Return on equity after tax
Cost : Income ratio

Financial reporting

Financial reports

Q3 2017

Financial reports

Q2 2017

Financial reports

Annual report 2016

Fact Book

Nykredit’s financial Fact Book is updated quarterly. It covers financial statistics, key ratios, risk metrics and cover pool data. The data in the Fact Book is unaudited.

CET 1 ratio
Market share, domestic lending

Financial reports

Financial reports


Financical reports


Historical Financial reports

2016 - 2017

Monthly credit data on mortgage lending

Loans in arrears

Download statistics on mortgage loans in arrears. Data is updated on a regular basis.

Properties foreclosed

Nykredit occasionally has to foreclose on delinquent customer. Here you can find data on the number of properties that Nykredit has taken over via forced sales.