When you visit Nykredit online, Nykredit collects relevant personal information about you. Nykredit has an obligation to inform you about how we process this personal information and about our use of cookies. In these guidelines, Nykredit should be taken to mean Nykredit Realkredit A/S, Nykredit Bank A/S, Nykredit Mægler A/S and Nykredit Forsikring A/S.


1. Collection of information

1.1 Automatic registration

 Certain information is registered automatically because you leave electronic traces when you visit the website. More specifically, these traces are left because your browser automatically sends information to Nykredit's server.

The actual electronic traces you leave include:

 • The page you visited before you visited Nykredit

 • Which pages you have browsed at Nykredit and when

 • The browser you are using

 • Your IP address

 • Your operating system (eg Windows XP)


1.2 Cookies

1.2.1 What is a cookie?

 Cookies are used by virtually all websites. In some cases, a cookie is the only way to make a website function as intended.

A cookie is a text file placed on your computer or another IT device. This file makes it possible to recognise your computer and to collect information about the pages and functions visited via your browser. But cookies cannot see who you are, what your name is, where you live or whether the computer is used by one or several persons. Nor can it spread computer viruses or other malware.

This website uses cookies. For further information about cookies and the legal basis for using them, see the Executive Order on Information and Consent Required in Case of Storing or Accessing Information in End-User Terminal Equipment at the website of the Danish Business Authority,

 1.2.2 What do we use cookies for?

 At Nykredit's websites, we use cookies for the following purposes:

 • Improving technical functionality

 • Measuring traffic

 • Advertising management, so that we can regulate how often the same advertisement is shown to the same user and register how many people click the advertisements

 • Behaviour-based individually targeted advertising, so that we can display the advertisements we believe you will find most interesting

Nykredit uses Adtech, Dansk Udgivernetværk,, OpenAdExchange and others in connection with advertising. You can find an overview of the advertising networks here:

 1.2.3 Rejecting or deleting cookies

You can always say no to having cookies stored on your computer by changing your browser settings. Where you find these settings depends on the browser you are using. But note that if you deactivate cookies, you will be unable to use many functions and services as they work only if the website can remember the choices you make.

All browsers permit you to delete cookies individually or en bloc. How to do this depends on the browser you are using. Follow the links below to find guidelines for your browser. Remember, if you are using several browsers, you must delete cookies in them all. If you are using a PC with a fairly new browser, you can delete your cookies by using the shortcut keys: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete

 • Internet Explorer
 • Chrome
 • Firefox
 • Safari
 • Flash cookies (gælder for alle browsere)
 • iPhone, iPad og andet fra Apple
 • Telefoner med styresystemet Android
 • Telefoner med Windows 7

2. Voluntary sharing of information

Apart from what is mentioned under point 1 above, sharing of personal information is voluntary. However, access to and may be restricted if you do not want to share information about yourself.

3. Use of information collected

The information is collected and used for administration, provision, development and marketing of Nykredit's online services for use in connection with the provision of financial services of any kind, including credit assessments, customer advisory services, general customer services, risk management, account overviews and payment services.

Nykredit does not pass on personal information to third parties unless you have consented to this. However, common and general personal information, such as your name, telephone number and similar, is shared with Nykredit Bank A/S and Nykredit Forsikring A/S if these companies need the information.

4. Right of access

By contacting Nykredit, you can find out which information Nykredit has collected, the purpose of doing so and where the information comes from. If you believe that Nykredit is not using your personal information in the correct way, you can object to information about you being processed.

5. Marketing communication

Nykredit Realkredit A/S may send you marketing communication by ordinary post. This communication may relate to Nykredit's websites, Nykredit Realkredit A/S, Nykredit Bank A/S, Nykredit Mægler A/S or Nykredit Forsikring A/S. You can always say no to receiving marketing communication by writing to:


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