Board Risk Committee

Nykredit A/S and Nykredit Realkredit A/S have appointed a Board Risk Committee, which considers issues of importance to these companies and the Nykredit Group.



The tasks of the Board Risk Committee are: 

  • to advise the Board of Directors on the Company's current and future overall risk profile and strategy

  • to assist the Board of Directors in overseeing that the risk strategy laid down by the Board of Directors is implemented correctly in the organisation

  • to determine whether the products offered by the Nykredit Group are in agreement with the Company's business model and risk profile, and whether earnings from the offered products reflect the risk relating thereto, and to prepare proposals for corrective measures if the products or services and the resulting earnings are not in agreement with the Company's business model and risk profile

  • to assess whether the incentives of the Company's remuneration structure take into account the Company's risk, capital structure and liquidity and the probability of profit and time perspective in this respect

  • to review risk models, including their methodologies, estimation processes and validation

  • to determine capital adequacy requirements, long-term capital requirements and capital policy, and

  • to assist the Board of Directors in assessing whether the resources used in the risk management function are appropriate and adequate.
  • Per W. Hallgren, Chief Executive Officer (Chairman)
  • Vibeke Krag, Former Group Executive Director 
  • Jørgen Høholt, Former Banking Executive
  • Hans-Ole Jochumsen, Former Vice President

The members of the Board Risk Committee are all members of the Board of Directors of Nykredit Realkredit A/S elected by the General Meeting.