Digital business partners

We are open to new digital business partners.

… is a digital platform for homeowners. With housing CVs for 1.7 million Danish owner-occupied dwellings, offers valuable knowledge of the Danish housing market. On the website, you can see the calculated values of the individual dwellings. is owned by Sydbank, Spar Nord, Arbejdernes Landsbank and Nykredit.

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Lunar Way

… is a mobile banking concept targeting young customers with basic banking needs. Everything is handled through Lunar Way's app. Nykredit is partner bank to Lunar Way and has a strategic partnership with the fintech company.

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… is Denmark's leading app for mobile payments. Nine in ten smartphones have MobilePay installed on them, making it one of the most used apps in Denmark. MobilePay is used for more than 200 million transactions a year.

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