Forenet Kredit votes in favour of sale of shares

Krystallen om aften

The Committee of Representatives of Forenet Kredit has approved a condi-tional sales agreement with a group of Danish pension companies headed by PFA Pension and with PensionDanmark, PKA, AP Pension and MP Pension as co-investors.

Yesterday, on 23 November 2017, the Committee of Representatives approved the sale of a portion of its shares to five Danish pension companies. The resolution to approve the agreement was recommended by the Board of Directors of Forenet Kredit, the Board of Directors of Nykredit A/S and Nykredit's Group Executive Board.


The Committee of Representatives resolved yesterday to follow the recommendation and approve the agreement. The agreement was also approved by the requisite au-thorities, and we therefore expect the sale to be completed in the near future.


As a natural consequence of the Committee of Representative's resolution, Nykredit A/S's IPO preparations will be discontinued.


More KundeKroner bonuses and new discounts

The agreement will also impact the KundeKroner bonuses which Totalkredit awards to its customers with personal mortgage loans. Instead of DKK 1,000, customers will re-ceive DKK 1,500 annually for every DKK million borrowed. And as something new, Nykredit's business customers, too, will obtain discounts.


24 November 2017