Diversity and inclusion

As a business we want to reflect the customers we serve and the society we form part of. We also believe that we can create the best workplace possible by building teams with diverse skills, backgrounds and experiences.

It is important to us that Nykredit is recognised as an inclusive workplace with equal gender opportunities for managerial positions, where all staff members feel they can be themselves and that their unique contribution is both recognised and included.

Examples of how we promote diversity and inclusion:

  • We set specific and ambitious targets for the percentage of women recruited or promoted for positions at different management levels.
  • We have launched talent programmes aimed at strengthening diversity and improving the gender balance in management.
  • We have implemented processes that embed diversity in both screening and recruitment processes for Nykredit's job vacancies.
  • We monitor and keep statistics on the salary distribution by gender in the different business units, enabling management to support a positive development of equal pay.
  • We have active and continuous employer branding activities to promote a more diverse staff representation.
  • We use gender-neutral language in job advertisements to attract a wider and larger talent pool.
  • We have launched a dialogue tool aiming to ensure that staff members stay closely connected with Nykredit before, during and after their leave through dialogue between the staff member and their supervisor and to support a more inclusive working environment.
  • On 5 April 2022 we entered into a 3-year partnership with Nordic Female Founders for the common purpose of enabling and encouraging more women to become entrepreneurs. The individual women will benefit from the chance to realise their ideas. And society will benefit from equal opportunities to set up innovative businesses and generate growth. Read more about the partnership at nykredit.dk (in Danish only).
  • From April 2022 both mothers and fathers have the right to 26 weeks of maternity/paternity leave, securing equal rights for women and men.