Responsible lending

Nykredit is Denmark's largest lender – a systemically important financial institution (SIFI) – this means that we have a great responsibility to our customers and to Denmark, being a small, open economy.

Being Denmark's largest lender, we have a special responsibility for promoting financial stability in Denmark. This means that we always want to be able to offer loans to our customers – but also that we should do so on a responsible and secure basis. Therefore, our lending is based on a factual credit assessment of every single customer.

To us, responsible lending also means that we offer loans throughout Denmark, at all times.

During the past crisis, we offered loans across Denmark. We had the capacity necessary to support the Danish economy, and we want to be able to do this again in case of another crisis.This is why we need to ensure a constantly robust capital position in order to provide loans to homeowners, agriculture and business customers. Throughout Denmark. At all times.

This is important – to Nykredit, our customers and Denmark.