Development and growth throughout Denmark

Far og barn

The Nykredit Group is fully committed to providing secure and attractive loans throughout Denmark at all times. We have pledged to offer loans in all of Denmark and support development and growth in urban and rural districts alike. At all times.

Nykredit has operated in Denmark since 1851. Nykredit is Denmark’s leading credit provider, the largest lender to homeowners and one of the largest lenders to small and medium-sized enterprises, the agricultural sector and the housing sector. We serve people and businesses all over Denmark.

It is therefore essential that Denmark can rely on Nykredit in times of crisis. When the economy falters, Danes should rest assured that Nykredit does not. There should be no doubt that Nykredit has the strength to support its customers, the economy and society by keeping its loan books open all across the country – at all times.

How we helped our customers during the corona crisis

Nykredit did not falter during the financial crisis but in fact grew loan volumes. And the same applied during the corona crisis. When the next crisis hits, Nykredit will once again be ready to cushion the blows that our customers, the economy and Danish society may suffer.

The Totalkredit alliance secures lending in all of Denmark

Thanks to the partnership with the 53 banks in the Totalkredit alliance, we are able to offer secure and attractive mortgage loans in all parts of Denmark. We are proud to have recorded lending growth in each and every Danish municipality in H1/2020 together with our 52 Totalkredit partners.

Being successful is key

Being a well-capitalised and successful business is a prerequisite of Nykredit's capacity to provide loans to our customers at all times. This places demands on the Group’s profitability, capital resources and lending practices in the areas of banking and mortgage lending.