Partner with us

You represent an educational institution or a students' association

Nykredit has partnerships with a number of educational institutions and students' associations on everything from guest lectures and teaching to company visits and career days. If you are interested in hearing more about the opportunities for a partnership with Nykredit, please send an e-mail.

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You have begun to think about your future bachelor project or master's thesis

If you are about to plan your bachelor project or perhaps your master's thesis soon, we might be interested in a partnership. At Nykredit, you will have access to specialists and managers who can provide expert feedback and input for your project. Send your project plan and CV to us. We will then try to match your wishes with the right unit and get back to you about a possible partnership. 

Your project plan must include:
-    problem statement
-    problem field, including research questions
-    whether it is a solo or group paper
-    the type of data you would like to study
-    your needs and expectations when it comes to working with Nykredit.

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Are you considering whether a career at Nykredit could be an option for you? Or would you like to hear more about, for example, our Graduate Programme or student jobs? E-mail your questions to us.

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