Highly satisfactory H1 results

"Our financial results presented today are highly satisfactory. After our recent full-year earnings upgrade, we are set to deliver our best full-year performance ever." – Michael Rasmussen, Group Chief Executive.

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European Banking Authority stress testing results

Facts about us

Nykredit customer centres in Denmark
of Denmark's mortgage lending spread across Denmark (incl. LR Realkredit))
Totalkredit alliance partner banks


As Denmark's largest credit provider with contact to more than 1 million customers, our financial strength is of great significance to Denmark. That in itself involves social responsibility, which we take seriously.


At Nykredit, the path from effort to responsibility is short. Nykredit offers the opportunities of a major bank and the agility of a smaller bank, so the difference you make will not go unnoticed.

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Financial reporting

Nykredit publishes its accounts quarterly. In addition to quarterly interim reports Nykredit publishes an annual report, CSR report and Capital and Risk Management Report (Pillar 3 report) once a year.

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