About us

For more than 165 years, Nykredit has helped Danish families buy their homes and Danish businesses grow. This will not change.

We were founded by our customers, for our customers. And as something quite unique, Nykredit is predominantly owned by an association, which represents our customers.
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Each and every day, we are guided by our six pledges. The six pledges constitute the essence of our vision, and they tell our customers, partners, employees, owners, investors and society what they should expect from us. 
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Nykredit is a diverse business: mortgage lender, banker, insurer, estate agent, financial mutual – and much more. Brief facts about Nykredit:

Totalkredit alliance partner banks
41 %
of Denmark's mortgage lending spread across Denmark
Group profit before tax in DKK
  • The name Nykredit first appeared in 1985 when Forenede Kreditforeninger and Jyllands Kreditforening merged
  • Main activities: mortgage lending and banking
  • Nykredit Realkredit A/S is wholly owned by Nykredit A/S
  • Forenet Kredit is majority shareholder of Nykredit A/S
  • 58 partner banks in the Totalkredit alliance (incl Nykredit Bank)
  • Core income from business operations in 2016: DKK 12bn
  • Assets under administration Q1/2017: DKK 799bn
  • Group profit before tax: DKK 6.7bn
  • Equity H1/2017: DKK 76bn*
  • Total lending H1/2017: DKK 1.100 bn
  • Market leading mortgage lender with a market share of 41.2%*
  • Denmark's largest lender with a market share of 30.8%*
  • One of Denmark's largest banks with a market share of 6.5%*
  • Assets under management: DKK: 168bn

* From MIFI statistics

Our history

At Nykredit, we are proud of our heritage. And we are aware that the world around us is changing dramatically these years. Economic globalisation, internationalisation of regulation and digitisation pose completely new challenges and opportunities.

This is no easy task and requires great foresight and adaptability on our part. In times of change, we cannot promise that everything will remain the same. But we can promise that we will stick to our values as we pursue our journey as a mutually-controlled financial services provider and strive to share our success with our customers. In order to uphold this promise, we have made six pledges.


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