Meet Daniel, Senior Consultant and Berlingske Talent 100, 2017

"Many have the talent and potential to go far. But there is a huge difference between having the ability and the determination to develop – and I am sure that if you display a zeal for developing and learning more every day, you will in most cases find that the organisation opens up and provides opportunities for development. At least, that is my experience."

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Together we go further

At Nykredit, the path from effort to responsibility is short. We recognise and appreciate the extra effort, ambition, determination and cooperative skills. So if you take it a step further – for the customer, for the project, for Nykredit – your career will always be in motion. Nykredit offers the opportunities of a major bank and the agility of a small bank, so the difference you make will not go unnoticed.


At Nykredit, you will become part of a network of about 4000 resourceful colleagues. Your career with us may take many different forms depending on who you are, but a common trait of you and your colleagues is that you are ambitious and that you want to be the best – the best at advising customers, the best at developing Nykredit and the best at establishing lasting relations with the communities we are part of.

Your development – our investment

At Nykredit, we prioritise development and opportunities for skilled and engaged people. We spot talents, delegate responsibility and support your development regardless of your job content. You will learn that mutual trust and respect are key elements of our culture and the way we meet your customers. Together, we will make a difference to our customers – and invest in you. 

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At Nykredit, we value collaboration. Collaboration across functions and divisions, but also with students and educational institutions.

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