Nykredit Investor Relations remains open for business

In light of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic Nykredit has decided to curb all travel and reduce physical meetings to an absolute minimum.

Investor Relations remains available for meetings with investors and analysts either via conference calls or video conferencing.

If you wish to arrange a virtual meeting with us, please write to us at investor_relations@nykredit.dk

Nykredit Bank is ready to help customers affected by the coronavirus

Investor Relations

The purpose of Nykredit Investor Relations is to create, build and develop valuable relations with new and existing investors and analysts. At Nykredit we strive to maintain our valuable relations through transparency and openness. On our website you will find relevant, accurate and reliable information on the Group's two issuing entities – Nykredit Realkredit and Nykredit Bank.

Financial results H1/2020

Net profit (DKKm)
Return on equity after tax

"The results presented today considerably exceed our expectations earlier this year. We have therefore raised our guidance for business profit and profit before tax for 2020 by DKK 1.5 billion. Our customers have generally steered well through the corona crisis so far. We have still not seen clear signs of credit quality deterioration, but have nevertheless made significant impairment provisions to absorb potential future losses. Despite the corona crisis, we have maintained strong momentum in our underlying core business. We are recording lending and customer growth in Totalkredit and Nykredit Bank, as illustrated by one of our core income items, net interest income, which continues to rise despite decreasing average administration margin payments from customers."

Michael Rasmussen
Group Chief Executive

Download Nykredit Group H1 Interim Report here

Green bonds

Nykredit is committed to support our customers in making sustainable choices and aims to make it more attractive to finance energy-efficient buildings. On this basis, Nykredit has since May 2019 issued green mortgage bonds.


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The Nykredit Group

Nykredit is a financial mutual, governed by our customers, founded by our customers and operating for our customers.

The Group is the leading mortgage lender to Danish homeowners, businesses and agriculture. The mortgages are offered though a diversified, multi-channel distributions approach built around a group of partner banks and direct own distribution channels.

Nykredit Markets offers capital markets services with a focus on fixed income products, debt capital markets and other services to domestic and international customers

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As Denmark's largest credit provider with contact to more than 1 million customers, our financial strength is of great significance to Denmark. That in itself involves social responsibility, which we take seriously.

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If you would like more information about Nykredit's activities, please contact us at Investor Relations.

Investor Relations

General inquiries

Morten Bækmand Nielsen

Head of Investor Relations

Tel: +45 4455 1521

Hanne Søgaard Foss

Investor Relations Manager

Tel: +45 4455 1236

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