Corporate responsibility

Nykredit is the largest lender in Denmark, the largest lender to homeowners and one of the largest lenders to small and medium-sized businesses, the agricultural sector and the housing sector. We are owned by an association of customers. As such, we have a special responsibility for creating value to our customers and to society.

Corporate responsibility lies at the core of Nykredit's strategy: “We want to be the customer-owned responsible financial provider for people and businesses all over Denmark.”

Nykredit is committed and uniquely positioned to help solve the common challenges faced by society and to make a difference.

We will be active in all of Denmark and support growth – in urban and rural districts alike. At all times. And we will do our best to create a greener Denmark for our children and for future generations.

Our corporate responsibility efforts are focused on three main themes:

  • Nykredit will actively support development and growth throughout Denmark – at all times.
  • Nykredit will actively support sustainable development.

  • Responsible business practices

The three main themes serve as a guide to Nykredit’s corporate responsibility efforts. Initiatives taken under the three main themes support our contribution to a long-term, sustainable economic development. Read more about the tree main themes below or in the Corporate Responsibility Report 2020.