As Denmark's largest credit provider with contact to more than 1 million customers, our financial strength is of great significance to Denmark. That in itself involves social responsibility, which we take seriously.

As a mutually-controlled financial services provider, we feel especially obliged to show commitment and assume responsibility, contributing to progress and development in Denmark. This particularly applies to Nykredit's pledge to communities to maintain our lending capacity throughout Denmark, at all times. 

Nykredit has adopted the UN Global Compact initiative and its ten principles on human rights, labour standards, environment and anti-corruption. 


CSR publication 2017

Read our Corporate Social Responsibility report.

Social partnerships

We also contribute to social development by engaging and participating in selected social partnerships.

Socially Responsible Investment

Nykredit has a socially responsible investment policy and has adopted the UN principles for responsible investment, UNPRI. This will benefit all of Denmark and all Danes.

Climate and Environmental strategy

We have a Climate and Environment strategy that will contribute to the development of a greener Denmark.