Corporate responsibility

Nykredit is the largest lender in Denmark, the largest lender to homeowners and one of the largest lenders to small and medium-sized businesses, the agricultural sector and the housing sector. As such, we have a special responsibility for operating our business in ways that create value to our customers and to society.

Predominantly owned by an association, Forenet Kredit, which represents our customers, Nykredit is a unique entity in the Danish financial landscape. We want to be the customer-owned, responsible financial provider for people and businesses all over Denmark. And we want to be a pillar of strength in the Danish economy. Throughout Denmark – at all times.

Nykredit has framed three main themes for our corporate responsibility work:

  • We will support growth in all of Denmark – at all times
  • We will support sustainable development
  • Responsible business practices

The main themes guide our corporate responsibility efforts and help ensure that we contribute to long-term, stable and sustainable development of society. You can read more about our three main themes in our Corporate Responsibility Report 2019. In the Report you can also read more about the core elements of our business and the foundation of our corporate responsibility: our business model, our core values, our strategy, and what it means to us to be owned by an association.