Financial reporting

Nykredit publishes financial reports every quarter. In addition to the quarterly reports, Nykredit publishes Annual Report, Corporate Responsibility Report and Risk- and Capital Management report annually.

"Nykredit reported its best ever financial results today. And this is highly satisfactory. 2022 was yet another busy year with high business and customer growth in Nykredit Bank and Totalkredit. We have also recorded growth in Nykredit Wealth Management, which includes Nykredit Invest and Sparinvest. However, given the macroeconomic outlook, we cannot expect the same high activity level and results next year.

Our full-year results were also driven by a strong credit quality, which has resulted in low loan impairments. We successfully managed our own portfolios and also benefited from market tailwinds around year-end. All value adjustments have been recognised through profit or loss. "

Michael Rasmussen
Group Chief Executive

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Financial results FY2022

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Financial reports

Financial reports


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Financial reports


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Fact Book

Nykredit’s financial Fact Book is updated quarterly. It covers financial statistics, key ratios, risk metrics and cover pool data. The data in the Fact Book is unaudited.

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Credit data on mortgage lending

Loans in arrears

Download statistics on mortgage loans in arrears. Data is updated on a monthly basis.


Properties foreclosed

Nykredit occasionally has to foreclose on delinquent customer. Here you can find data on the number of properties that Nykredit has taken over via forced sales.



Pursuant to s 27a(1) of the Danish Securities Trading Act, Nykredit Realkredit A/S and Totalkredit A/S hereby publish prepayment data (CK93)