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Banking and customers

Nykredit puts customers first. Nykredit was founded by its customers and exists for its customers. As adviser, your primary goal is therefore to provide the best, most professional advisory services to our customers, whether you advise personal customers in the cyber bank of the future, Nykredit Direkte®, or you manage complex portfolios for our clients in Asset Management.

Advising personal and business customers   or investing on behalf of our largest institutional clients - Nykredit Direkte®

In Nykredit Direkte® you become part of a modern, unconventional and informal bank where you and your team provide Nykredit's customers with banking advice at their convenience – seven days a week.

Based on the customer's needs as well as our insight into Nykredit's products and services, you and your colleagues in Nykredit Direkte® provide individualised and comprehensive advisory services. You and your colleagues effectively combine customer contact by phone, email and WebDesk with personal and individual advice so that digital solutions and good customer relations go hand in hand in your job.

We put customers first, and you will be measured by the difference you make to their finances, their dreams and their lives.


  • We are around 600 staff in Nykredit Direkte®
  • Offices in Viby (Aarhus) and Copenhagen
  • In 2013, winner of the European Financial Management & Marketing Association's yearly Innovation Award in the category Multichannel and Customer-Experience Management

Retail Banking

As adviser to personal or business customers at one of Nykredit's 42 customer centres in Denmark, you will become a key part of our core function – providing top advisory services to more than one million customers.

At Nykredit, your career focus should extend beyond yourself and always be in motion. We put customers first, and you will be measured by the difference you make to their finances, their dreams and their lives. Whether customers seek advice on their home, a car or savings, you possess that all-important insight and understanding of their particular situation.

As adviser to personal or business customers, you become part of a team where you skills will be enhanced by the expertise of your colleagues and where the optimal customer solution is often achieved as a joint effort between you and Nykredit's specialists.


    • Around 2,000 staff at 42 customer centres across Denmark
  • Nykredit serves around 75,000 business customers and 1 million personal customers
  • Nykredit's customer advisers complete a specialised certification programme, Nykredit Certification. This programme ensures that your expertise is constantly up-to-date, for your own benefit and for the benefit of Nykredit's customers.

Private Banking

As a Private Banking adviser, you provide comprehensive advice to our wealth clients in Denmark based on a combination of strategy, risk and asset management. Your job is complex and rarely routine, requiring that you excel in finding the best solution for the individual client.

As a member of our Private Banking team, you will be surrounded by ambitious colleagues who are among the finest private bankers in Denmark and who master the skills required to build trusting and lasting relationships with their clients – thus, you will become a key financial partner to Nykredit's wealth clients.


  • We serve clients with investable assets in excess of DKK 7m.

Corporate and Institutional Banking

As adviser in Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) you will be serving some of Nykredit's largest corporate clients. As the level of complexity is usually high, you will be working closely with your colleagues, going into detail with the individual clients.

Like your other colleagues in CIB, you keep your finger on the pulse and your advisory services aligned with financial market trends. As a CIB staff member, you will play a key role in providing top notch advisory services to Nykredit's largest clients

 "My job is important because it helps secure Nykredit's position as an attractive financial partner to Denmark's largest businesses." - Line Lundbye, Account Manager, CIB


  • We are about 140 people located in the building dubbed "the Crystal" in Copenhagen
  • The Crystal won the European Steel Design Award 2011
  • Serving both Danish and international clients

Nykredit Markets

At Nykredit Markets, you should expect a job where no two days are the same and where the financial markets set the agenda. Nykredit Markets is the Group's supplier of a broad range of products and financial services for institutional clients, corporates and wealth clients. You will have daily contact with major domestic and foreign investors.

We put clients first – at all times. Advisory services and trading in bonds, equities and foreign exchange require a team of highly skilled and adaptable dealers, advisers and analysts joining forces to ensure that our clients get the best investment advice and the best trades.

You should expect and thrive on change. In a world of ever changing customer needs and financial markets, Nykredit Markets changes with them. You will become part of a dynamic environment where developments in financial markets are closely linked to your personal development.

Your performance and that of your colleagues is essential in order for Nykredit Markets to remain in the top league.

"My job is very exciting and dynamic – no two days are the same. The global news feed is massive, and my job is to ensure that our clients are equipped at all times to make the right investment decisions," says Nicklas Pedersen, Customer Adviser in Nykredit Markets.


  • Around 130 staff
  • Nykredit Markets was established in 1994

Asset management

In Nykredit Asset Management, you and your colleagues manage investments on behalf of institutional and private investors. You become part of a highly professional team who understand that the right solution for a client may be a complex investment portfolio or merely specialised management within one of Nykredit's core strengths. 

Whether you make investments through in equities, Danish bonds or other instruments, many of your investments will be socially responsible investments. You and your colleagues will have wide responsibility and must ensure environmental considerations, social responsibility and corporate governance through every phase of the investment process.


  • We are 160 people located in Copenhagen
  • Dansk Aktie Analyse and Jyllands Posten awarded Nykredit Invest investment fund of the year in 2013
  • Nykredit Asset Management targets clients investing at least DKK 25m
  • We have DKK 101bn under management


In Nykredit IT you will take part in creating the banking platforms of the future and developing new innovative IT solutions for over 1 million customers and our 4,000 staff. Whether you are a developer, architect, analyst or something else, Nykredit IT will enable you to unfold and develop your skills.

Nykredit IT is organised into five business areas, jointly supporting and developing Nykredit. 


Customers, Advisory and Bank

In Customers, Advisory and Bank we are building Nykredit's homeowner banking concept – Nykredit BoligBank. We are in charge of the development and maintenance of solutions for digital self-service for our customers and our customer advisers at the customer centres and in Nykredit Direkte. Among our many projects, we helped develop FastConnect – a service for becoming a customer of Nykredit in 10 minutes via your tablet or mobile phone.

With us, you will get the opportunity to work across many technological platforms and contribute actively to the development of our system portfolio within banking, online banking services, CRM, and customer and product advisory.

Capital Markets 

In the Capital Markets division, we are responsible for the development, management and support of the IT solutions that the business units Nykredit Markets, Asset Management and Group Treasury rely upon. We span a broad range of system solutions, including the standard systems SimCorp Dimension, Summit and Ideas, which are supplemented with various solutions and integrations developed inhouse.

With us, you will broaden your knowledge of the business, systems and processes and get a unique opportunity to identify and implement IT solutions and process enhancements for the different business units.  

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is responsible for developing and optimising existing business intelligence solutions for Nykredit's knowledge management platform, including Customer Insight, reporting applications and enterprise data warehouse. We also deliver support solutions for Group Credits and the HR function.

In Knowledge Management, you will be working in agile teams and projects aimed at providing the best solutions for our customers and partner banks.

Homeowners & Mortgage

In the Homeowners & Mortgage unit, we design, maintain and develop IT solutions for our business partners in the Totalkredit alliance and the Nykredit Group's mortgage lending platform. Our IT solutions reach 40% of the Danish home financing market and is used daily by 10,000 customer advisers. The Homeowners & Mortgage unit was also part of the project to develop the digital portal, visited by more than 650,000 existing or potential homeowners who have uploaded their "housing CVs" since the launch in September.

Infrastructure and Operations 

In Infrastructure and Operations we are responsible for delivering an efficient infrastructure that can support the rest of Nykredit's IT organisation. Our work is highly diverse, ranging from database and JAVA technology to infrastructure security and archive functionality. You will be joining a dynamic entity currently working on a new JAVA platform based on the latest trends in JAVA such as Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3, JEE7 and JDK8. 

To be able to provide the best advisory services to our +1 million customers, it it is crucial that Nykredit's development is supported by a number of staff functions with specialists in their specific fields.

At Nykredit, we have jobs within finance, treasury, rating, risk, product development, HR, legal affairs, marketing, communication and other areas. In any one of these areas, you will have a supervisor who will make sure that your career is always on the move towards new challenges, different assignments and greater responsibility

Regardless of which career path that matches your skills and ambitions, you will become part of a team that is constantly raising the bar and developing further for their own benefit and for the benefit of Nykredit.

"My job is important because I help equip Nykredit's managers and customer-facing staff for making the best possible solutions." - Casper Bertelsen, Senior Analyst, Group Finance


  • 49% of Nykredit's 4,586 staff are under 40 years of age
  • A Nykredit staff member has been employed for 8 years on average
  • 47% of Nykredit's staff are women – and women make up 30% of all Nykredit's managers

Kick-start your financial career at Nykredit Bank. As a finance bachelor or finance intern you will be given responsibility from day one. Our training programmes allow you to put theory into practice and develop within the areas you are passionate about. So if you are looking for challenges, are ready to take responsibility and want to work in a dynamic environment where the bar is high, you may be one of our new financial profiles.

See Finance Denmark's web page about career paths in the financial sector

Finance bachelor

As a finance bachelor with financial transactions as your chosen field, you will be eligible for an intensive 5-month internship, during which you can try your hand at complex financial advisory services. When you have completed two years of your study, it is time for the five-month internship.

The internship starts with an induction course, where you will be able to network with other interns and get an introduction to Nykredit's homeowner banking and business banking programmes and the tasks you will be contributing to solving over the next five months. You will receive a programme to guide you through your internship, and you will be assigned an internship partner, who will coach you and support your professional development.

When you have completed your internship at Nykredit, we will jointly decide whether we want to continue our partnership in the form of a student job while you are finishing your finance bachelor studies. When you have completed your education, you are ready to start on a career as a personal adviser or assistant business adviser at one of Nykredit's customer centres or at Nykredit Direkte®. 


AP Graduate in Financial Management

The academy profession degree in financial management is a two-year short-cycle higher education programme with 18 months' theoretical education followed by three months' unpaid internship in a financial enterprise. The purpose of the internship is to give you an opportunity to use the methods and tools you have learned for solving specific tasks. When you have completed 18 months of your study, it is time for the three-month internship. 

The internship starts with an induction course, where you will be able to network with other interns and get an introduction to Nykredit's advisory universe. You will also receive an internship plan to guide you through the programme, and you will be assigned an internship partner, who will coach you and support your professional development. We acknowledge and value the extra effort, ambition, determination and cooperative skills – which ensure that your career will always be in motion, heading for new challenges, tasks and greater responsibility. 

You will learn to put theory into practice and will be able to discuss your main project with people who work within the area. During the internship, you and Nykredit will be able to assess each other, and at the end of the internship we will decide whether we want a shared future in the form of a traineeship. As a financial trainee, you will be employed at a customer centre or at Nykredit Direkte®, where you will function as a personal banking adviser. Besides gaining experience as a personal banking adviser on a day-to-day basis, you will participate in internal training courses, be temporarily academic degree in financial advisory services academic degree in financial advisory services assigned to other units and complete the academic degree in Financial Advisory during your 12 months as a trainee.

When you have completed your traineeship, you will be ready to embark on a career as a personal banking adviser at one of our customer centres or at Nykredit Direkte®. This is how your career might look if you obtain an academy profession degree in financial management:


How to apply

Your background is important

Whether you want to be a Finance Bachelor or an AP Graduate in financial management at Nykredit, your background, motivation and personal profile are important.
Firstly, it is a requirement that you have completed higher secondary education (HHX, HH or STX) and have knowledge of social sciences and business economics.
Furthermore, we prefer candidates who have broadened their horizon by living abroad, attending a folk high school or have gained customer-facing experience
It is essential that you are determined, have a winning mentality and that you are a team player. You thrive in a job with close customer contact and want to make a difference to our customers – their money, their dreams and their lives. 

Recruitment process

Vacancies for Finance Bachelors and AP Graduates in financial management will be posted on our jobs page. Applications must be sent via our online recruitment system, which will send confirmation when your application has been received.

We recruit new interns regularly, and we will let you know whether you have got through the initial screening process as soon as possible. If so, you will be invited to a meeting to learn more about Nykredit as a workplace and the training programme we offer. You will also be invited for an interview with one of our recruitment consultants so that we can learn more about you and your reasons for wanting to work at Nykredit. There will also be a small exercise, which we will tell you more about when we meet.

We will let you know whether you have made it to the next stage of the process as soon as possible. If so, you will be invited for a second interview at the customer centre where you will be working if taken on. The interview will take place at the customer centre and will be conducted by the head of the customer centre. After this interview, we will decide on the successful candidates.

You may apply for a job at Nykredit as a Graduate. 

Become a Nykredit Finance Graduate

Being a Graduate at Nykredit will give your career a unique take-off. You will complete a 12-month accelerated development programme. You will be working for Nykredit and joining us on our journey to get even closer to our customers. So we expect you to be ready to go the extra mile – for the customer, for the project and for Nykredit. In return, you can expect that your extra effort, your ambitions, your determination and your cooperative skills will be acknowledged and rewarded with extra responsibility.

A 12-month development programme

During your 12 months as a Nykredit Graduate, you will be permanently assigned to one specific unit, but you will have short internships in other units and build up cross-organisational business insights and a solid understanding of Nykredit's customers. The programme is designed to bring your theoretical knowledge into play as you work with real tasks that require real solutions. Via a mixture of on-the-job training, mentoring, base camps, casework and networking you will discover that at Nykredit you and career are always in motion.

With a team of Graduates, you will not only be able to make your personal mark on our Winning the Double strategy, but the social interaction between you and your co-graduates will also give you a strong network across Nykredit.

Your manager as your career promoter

We will hire you on because we believe that you have the potential to build an exceptional career at Nykredit and because you have the necessary determination and commitment. We acknowledge an extra effort on your part, so if you have the determination to go one step further, your career will always be heading towards new challenges and increased responsibility.

In your daily on-the-job training, your manager will be your personal developer, and together you chart the course for precisely the career you are dreaming of. Your personal development plan will be your guide throughout the programme, and you will learn about financial responsibility, customer focus and how to be a role model and culture bearer.


What do we require from our new Graduates?

Nykredit Graduate is a stepping stone for career-oriented and talented graduates. We provide the setting that makes Nykredit Graduate the obvious choice for you if you are ambitious and also willing to make an extra effort for the benefit of our customers.

The educational background required varies, depending on the graduate position you are applying for, but you share a drive for development and responsibility with the other graduates. If you have the right winning mentality and want responsibility from day one as well as a set-up with managers and colleagues who will accelerate your development, Nykredit's Graduate Programme is the perfect platform for you.

Nykredit Graduate 2018 is looking for talents to join us in several areas within the Group. If you believe you are who we are looking for, you must be able fulfil the following requirements:

  • You have completed your education by September 2018 at the latest and have no more than one year's experience from a full-time job after having finished your studies
  • You have relevant experience from a student job, internship or similar
  • You take responsibility for your own career and aim to be best-in-class
  • You appreciate the importance of creating the best solutions for our customers

The selection process

The application deadline for the Nykredit Finance Graduate positions is 25 February 2018. The recruitment will take place on 8 March or 15 March 2018 at Nykredit Graduate Night for selected applicants.  

FAQ – find answers to your questions about our Graduate Programmes here:

How do I apply?                    
Vacancies for Graduate positions can be found under 'Søg job', where you can also read more about the various positions. You can find an overview of all our Graduate positions at

Can I apply for more than one Graduate position?
Yes, you are very welcome to apply for more than one Graduate position, but we recommend that you apply only if you are motivated and want the job. It is also important that your motivation is evident from your application.

Can I apply before I have completed my Master's degree?
All graduates must have completed a Master's degree before joining us in September 2018. We welcome your application if you are certain that you will have obtained your degree when the Graduate Programme begins.

Can I apply even though I already have or have had my first job since graduating?
To be eligible for a Graduate position at Nykredit, you may not have more than one year's experience from a full-time position after having obtained your degree.

When is the application deadline?
The Nykredit Graduate positions will be announced on 5 February 2018 and the application deadline is 25 February 2018.

Will I be informed when my application has been received? 

Yes, when you have submitted your application electronically, you will receive confirmation that the application has been received.

Who will read my application?
Your application will be read by an HR consultant, who will assess your qualifications relative to the requirements for the position. The manager responsible for the specific Graduate position you are applying for will also participate in the recruitment process.

Will I be notified if I do not get the position?
If you are not selected for an interview, you will be notified by email. If you are selected and are subsequently not chosen as our future Graduate, you will be informed orally.

What happens after the Graduate Programme?
When you have completed the 1-year Graduate Programme, you will continue your career in a full-time position within the same unit.

As a student assistant at Nykredit, you will be one of around 500 students in one of Denmark's largest student workplaces. We appreciate individual initiative and loyalty. We know that we cannot expect to build a strong relationship with you unless you are able to change and develop, professionally and personally. So from day one in your student job you will be able to apply your theoretical knowledge, working with real tasks that require real solutions.

You will gain experience from a sector with high requirements for business conduct. So we expect you to have an enquiring mind and be eager to find the best solutions, for the benefit of our customers and Nykredit. In return, you will be given the opportunity to launch a career even before you have completed your last exams. There are student jobs for those studying economics, finance, IT, marketing and much more.


  • Nykredit has some 500 students working across all business areas
  • Many students switch to other student jobs within Nykredit so that they can try their hands at different tasks
  • The top 10% or so are offered full-time positions when they have completed their degrees