Business concept

København ovenfra

Our history

At Nykredit, we are proud of our heritage. And we are aware that the world around us is changing dramatically these years. Economic globalisation, internationalisation of regulation and digitisation pose completely new challenges and opportunities.

This is no easy task and requires great foresight and adaptability on our part. In times of change, we cannot promise that everything will remain the same. But we can promise that we will stick to our values as we pursue our journey as a mutually-controlled financial services provider and strive to share our success with our customers. In order to uphold this promise, we have made six pledges.

Six pledges

We have made six pledges to our customers, business partners, staff, shareholders and bond investors and to society. They are the values that we steer by every day – in everything that we do. They express what customers and everyone else should expect from us.