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Bond issuance

Nykredit is the world's largest issuer of covered bonds backed by mortgages on real estate. Nykredit also issues other debt instruments, such as Additional Tier 1 (AT1) capital, Tier 2 capital, bail-inable senior debt etc. Read about issues, green bonds, bond data, rating, active prospectuses, funding programmes etc.


The vast majority of Nykredit’s covered bond are issued by way of daily tap issuance into the Danish domestic market. By virtue of the match funding of the mortgage lending, Nykredit is active in the market every day for the purpose of issuing new bonds to fund new lending or refinance maturing bond and to buy back bonds in order to facilitate extraordinary loan redemptions.


Read more about expected issuance of senior and subordinated debt.

ECBC Cover Pool data

Nykredit is the world’s largest mortgage covered bond issuer. Covered bonds are issued out of different cover pools, know as capital centeres. The majority of new issuances is conducted though capital centers E and H respectively. In addition issuances also takes place out of capital centeres D, I and G.

Green bonds

Træhuse og himmel

Responsibility is incorporated in Nykredit's business strategy: “We want to be the customer-owned, responsible financial provider for people and businesses all over Denmark.” 

We are committed to supporting our customers in making sustainable choices through a higher share of positive impact financing across a wide range of products.

On this basis, Nykredit has since May 2019 issued green bonds.

Nykredit bond information

In order to maintain a high level of transparency in the Danish mortgage bond market, Nykredit publish a number of data for bond investors. The purpose is to support effective pricing of callable covered bonds by providing data that can be used to model debtor’s prepayment behavior.

Nykredit ISINs

Nykredit ISINs spreadsheet includes; currency, outstanding volume, maturity, coupon, capital centre and rating on all listed issuance from Nykredit Realkredit A/S.

Bond Data

Download information on Nykredit's covered bonds including debtor distribution, prepayments, notice of drawing, cash flows and general information.


Nykredit issues all of its covered bonds under the same base prospectus, while most other debt is issued under the EMTN-programme. However some older debt and capital instruments are issued under separate documentation. On this page you can find the prospectuses for bonds issued by Nykredit Group.

Carbon emissions on Nykredit ISINs

Nykredit’s financed emissions are based on tonnes of CO2-equivalents (tCO2e) and are aligned with the standards of Finance Denmark’s Framework for Financed Emissions Accounting model. The financed emissions have been estimated on a best effort basis.


To mænd sidder og kigger på computer

Nykredit funds most of its lending via the capital markets and access to these markets are therefore important for the Group’s ability to extend new loans and roll over funding.

Nykredit’s covered bonds are rated by S&P Global Ratings. The covered bonds rated by S&P have been assigned a AAA rating.

Both S&P Global Ratings and Fitch have assigned short and long term ratings to companies within Nykredit Group.