Security and stability have been the distinguishing marks of Nykredit and our core product since 1851. It is only natural for us to have a vision that reaches many decades ahead.

We want to be the homeowners' first choice and to be a pillar of strength in the Danish economy.

The aim of our Winning the Double strategy is to ensure a more customer-centric, profitable and efficient Nykredit. We want to make a difference to personal customers and business customers alike and to strengthen our collaboration with our partner banks in the Totalkredit alliance so that they can make a difference to their customers. These are our two strategic core priorities.

KundeKroner benefits programme

Nykredit is owned by an association called Forenet Kredit, which is to your benefit. One of the benefits is a discount on the price of your mortgage loan. The discount is offered under our KundeKroner benefits programme.

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Erhvervskroner benefits programme

ErhvervsKroner is a benefits programme under which business customers are eligible for administration margin discounts on their Nykredit mortgage loans. This is possible because Nykredit is primarily owned by the customer association Forenet Kredit. The association wants the dividend it receives from the Nykredit Group to benefit customers. To this end, the association may make contributions to Nykredit, which Nykredit may redistribute to you and other business customers in the form of ErhvervsKroner discounts.

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Nykredit's history dates back to 1851. Starting in the second half of 1800, a large number of mortgage associations were established in Denmark, 16 of which merged in 1972 into Forenede Kreditforeninger and Jyllands Kreditforening.

Brands og services

  • Mortgage brands: Nykredit and Totalkredit
  • Banking brands: Nykredit Bank, including BoligBanken, ErhvervsBanken and Private Banking
  • Other activities: Investment, pension, insurance, leasing and estate agency services
  • A customer ambassador – as one of few financial companies in Denmark

Business areas

Retail consists of the business units Retail Personal Banking
and Retail Business Banking and provides mortgage and
banking services to personal customers and SMEs, including
agricultural customers, residential rental customers and
Private Banking Retail's wealth clients. Mortgage loans granted
via Totalkredit to Nykredit's personal customers also form
part of Retail. The activities of Nykredit Mægler A/S and
Nykredit Leasing A/S are also included.

Nykredit serves its customers through 41 local customer
centres and the nationwide sales and advisory centre
Nykredit Direkte®. 16 of these centres serve business customers,
while 9 centres have specialist wealth management
teams that serve our Private Banking clients. The estate
agencies of the Nybolig and Estate chains constitute
other distribution channels. Nykredit offers insurance in partnership
with Gjensidige Forsikring.

Retail customers are offered products within banking, mortgage
lending, insurance, pension, investment and debt management.

Under the Totalkredit brand, Totalkredit Partners provides
mortgage loans to personal and business customers arranged
via 53 Danish local and regional banks. Mortgage loans arranged
by Nykredit are included in the business area Retail.

Totalkredit Partners's business concept is based on partner
banks being responsible for customer services and covering a
proportion of the risk of loss relating to the loan portfolio.
The banks' share of realised losses is offset against future
commission payments from Totalkredit to its partner banks
and is recognised in the income statement as a reduction in
impairment losses on loans and advances.

Wholesale Clients consists of the business units Corporate &
Institutional Banking and Nykredit Markets and comprises
activities with Nykredit's corporate and institutional clients,
the public housing segment, large housing cooperatives and
mortgage lending to business customers for properties
abroad. Wholesale Clients also handles Nykredit's activities
within securities and financial derivatives trading.

The business area Wealth Management handles Nykredit's
asset and wealth management activities. Wealth Management
comprises the business units Nykredit Asset Management,
Nykredit Portefølje Administration and Private Banking
Elite. The latter is targeted at clients with investable assets in
excess of DKK 7m.
Nykredit's asset management and portfolio administration
services are undertaken by Nykredit Asset Management and
Nykredit Portefølje Administration, and their products and
solutions include Nykredit Invest, Private Portfolio, Savings
Invest, Pension Invest and discretionary asset management
and administration agreements with institutional clients,
foundations, businesses, public institutions and personal
wealth clients.