Executive Committee

Nykredit's Executive Committee consists of the Group Executive Board and selected senior executives who carry extensive business and development responsibility. The objective of the Committee is to strengthen and ensure cross-organisational focus on business and business development. The Executive Committee is involved in the strategic development and takes an active part in embedding and integrating the Group's development efforts and business activities across the organisation.


Michael Rasmussen

Group Chief Executive

David Hellemann

Group Executive Director

Anders Jensen

Group Executive Director

Tonny Thierry Andersen

Group Executive Director

Pernille Sindby


Trine Ahrenkiel

Senior Group Director - HR, Communications and Marketing

Kenneth Hedegaard

Vicedirektør - Jura & Skat

Søren Kviesgaard

Vice Director - Corporates and Institutions

Maiken Moltke Olesen

Adm. direktør - Totalkredit

Lars Moesgaard

Bankdirektør – Banking, Retail


Board of Directors: Nykredit Realkredit A/S

Board of Directors: Nykredit A/S

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