Socially responsible procurement

Socially responsible procurement is thoughtful procurement. We address all aspects of responsibility in everything we do. We always bear the environment and ethics in mind when purchasing. And we make specific demands regarding responsibility of all businesses we collaborate with.

Krav til leverandører

We demand that our suppliers address issues concerning the environment, working standards, corruption and general ethics. We find it particularly important that we purchase only products that are as energy-efficient as possible throughout the life cycle of the product. With regard to health and safety, we prioritise purchasing only products that are child-labour free. 

Miljømærkning Danmark

Procurement is one of the areas where Nykredit can make the greatest difference to the environment. In 2013 Ecolabelling Denmark honoured us as the Green Purchaser of the Year. Members of the scheme must meet specific purchasing requirements and must increase their share of ecolabelled purchases from year to year to maintain membership.