Responsible business practices

The backbone of Nykredit's corporate responsibility commitment is our ability to integrate responsible business practices throughout our organisation.


We must ensure that our advice, products and services are responsible and sustainable in a societal context and relative to the individual customer. We must ensure that we can explain and justify our conduct to the world. We must prevent and counter misuse of the Nykredit Group for financial crime. We must operate a greener Nykredit by reducing our energy consumption, carbon emissions and waste volumes. And we must not least secure decent working conditions for our staff and a culture building on trust, customer centricity, team spirit and empowerment.

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Responsible business practices

Responsible business conduct

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Initiatives to combat financial crime

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Data security

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A greener Nykredit

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Socially responsible procurement

Socially responsible procurement is thoughtful procurement. We address all aspects of responsibility in everything we do.


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Diversity and inclusion

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Nykredit's Code of Conduct

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