Nykredit wants to contribute to a greener Denmark. Being owned by our customers, we owe a special responsibility to help solve the common challenges faced by society, especially challenges relating to the climate and the green transition.

Dansk landskab

Nykredit is not a traditional manufacturing company. Our own carbon footprint is limited and has been significantly reduced over time thanks to a persistent effort. However, together with our customers, we can make the biggest green impact. We are committed to making green and sustainable choices more accessible and affordableto our customers be it investors, businesses, homeowners or farmers.

Our focus is on areas in need of green solutions and where Nykredit is uniquely positioned to make a difference. Read more about our initiatives below.

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Sustainable housing

Together with our Totalkredit partners, the Nykredit Group has provided more than 45% of all home loans in Denmark. Contributing to reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions from private homes is therefore a key priority for us. Read more about sustainable housing here.

Sustainable businesses and buildings

The green transition requires massive investments in climate-friendly buildings, in the development of green solutions and in initiatives that may reduce the carbon emissions of Danish businesses. Read more about businesses and buildings here.

Sustainable agriculture

Nykredit is Denmark's largest lender to agriculture and is therefore favourably positioned to help make green choices easier and more affordable and to support sustainable farming. Read more about sustainable agriculture here.

Responsible investment

Investments are key to driving green choices and sustainability. We furthermore believe that companies exercising diligence and care in respect of their customers, employees and the society they are part of are more profitable in the long run. Read more about responsible investments here.

A greener Nykredit

We have set ambitious targets to reduce the Nykredit Group's resource consumption and carbon emissions. Since 2012, we have lowered our carbon emissions by 80%. And we have a continuous focus on reducing our carbon footprint. Read more about a greener Nykredit here.

Nykredit's green bonds

Nykredit is committed to support our customers in making sustainable choices. Nearly 40% of total energy consumption stems from buildings. On this basis, Nykredit has since May 2019 issued green mortgage bonds aimed at making it more attractive to finance energy-efficient buildings.