Data security and privacy

At Nykredit we take information security and our customers’ privacy seriously. We strive to have the highest information security possible and place great emphasis on protecting our customers’ data

We have strong monitoring and control measures in place to protect our operations from cyber criminals. Our systems are constantly monitored and secured the highest level of protection. We conduct regularly tests and continuously educate our staff:

  • Nykredit has security policies, emergency response plans and business contingency plans. The board of directors approve the information securicy policy and our internal auditors inspect and audit the plans. The plans are based on international best practice guidlines.
  • Every second year Nykredit conducts an information security self-assessment based on the information Security Forum (ISF) Benchmark Framework.
  • Nykredit continuously conducts cybersecurity testing and security incident management, including red team testing. All security incidents are consequently treated according to standardized procedures.
  • All employees have mandatory training in IT security.
IT security policy Statement regarding IT Audit in the Nykredit Group

Personal data

In Nykredit we take great care of personal data. We will only share personal data if we are required by law or are permitted by the customers.

Training of staff

Nykredit must ensure that all members of staff possess the knowledge of personal data processing necessary to perform their duties. 

All Nykredit staff members complete personal data training prepared and maintained by Finanssektorens Uddannelsescenter. In addition, all members of staff complete a training module prepared by Nykredit to ensure that the staff members learn how Nykredit handles personal data, eg in the event of personal data breach.

Read our Privacy policy Handling of personal data breach