Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing

Mand og kvinde kigger i papirer

Prevention of financial crime is a key concern to Nykredit and is guided by:

  • effective and transparent policies and procedures
  • an effective management, creating awareness and transparency about and driving a positive Group-wide approach to the prevention of financial crime
  • skilled staff and training programmes at all levels and in all lines of defence
  • active collaboration with relevant authorities.

Nykredits whistleblowerordning

Nykredit has a whistleblowing scheme under which staff can anonymously report violations or potential violations of financial regulation.

Hvidvask Task Force

Finance Denmark launched an Anti-Money Laundering Task Force in December 2018. The Anti-Money Laundering Task Force consists of financial sector representatives and four external experts and is mandated to explore and recommend ways to strengthen the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing through joint and industry-wide initiatives and solutions going forward. Nykredit is a member of the Anti-Money Laundering Task Force and complies with its recommendations.

Nykredits organsation

Nykredits organisation, herunder AML-organisation, er bygget op om de tre forsvarslinjer.

Want to know more?

Finance Denmark's Anti-Money Laundering Task Force

Finance Denmark has published a report which explains the Danish financial sector's anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing efforts. On page 63, you will find more information about Finance Denmark's new principles of conduct.

Corporate Responsibility Report

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The Nykredit Group’s policies play a central role in securing a responsible and sustainable business conduct across the Group. Read our policies here.

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