Responsible Climate and Environmental policy

  • Total MWh consumption to be reduced by 25% by the end of 2025.
  • CO2 emission per staff member to be reduced by 5% annually until 2025.
  • Maximum 20% of Nykredit's waste will be incinerated in 2023 - the rest will be recycled.
  • Waste volume per staff member to be reduced to 100kg in 2023.
Read more in our climate and environmental strategy 2020 (in Danish only)

Nykredit prioritises green choices

Energy consumption within our operations, is the area where we have the greatest direct CO2 impact on the climate. A key element of our climate and environment strategy 2020 is thus the reduction of CO2 emissions from energy consumption. Nykredit is continually working to reduce energy consumption and make the transition to renewable energy sources. Since 2012 we have reduced our CO2 emissions by:

  • transition to 100% green power from wind energy
  • phasing out direct consumption of natural gas and oil for heating of our buildings
  • fitting solar panels to our buildings and replacing LED lighting
  • making energy consumption more efficient by means of new technologies to better manage our ventilation and climate systems
  • reducing our total floorage, for instance by working smarter
  • running a number of campaigns each year that instil awareness of green habits in our staff
  • controlling energy consumption through our operations centre, which ensures quick rectification of errors in the event of recorded additional consumption.

Together we can make a difference

As Denmark's leading lender, Nykredit has a great potential for supporting the green transition of society and helping homeowners, businesses and investors reduce their CO2 emissions. This includes developing sustainable value propositions and investment products, as well as financing renewable energy projects.

Data and facts

Here you will find data and information that provide an overview of Nykredit's climate and environmental efforts.

Eco-friendly staff

Nykredit is focused on changing and reducing our travel activity, thus making travel as eco-friendly as possible. Travel is currently about 25% of our total CO2 emissions. By changing our everyday behaviour, we can make a huge difference to the climate and our local environment.

Since 2012 we have reduced travel-induced CO2 emissions by: 

  • investing in electric cars for use in eg Nykredit's operations
  • tightening energy requirements for our shared cars and company cars
  • encouraging staff to substitute video calls for physical meetings
  • motivating staff who travel to always choose the most cost-effective type of transportation with the least impact on climate and the environment.

Reuse generates good energy

When Nykredit moves or needs new furniture or equipment, we ensure that furniture or equipment which has served its purpose is reused.

We prioritise making donations to socially responsible organisations. This means that our used furniture and equipment are reused for educational programmes for young people with special needs, integration projects and to help mentally vulnerable people.

The donations are a natural part of Nykredit's ambition to support a circular approach and contribute to this trend in all of Denmark. This has a dual effect, benefiting both the environment and people.