The Nykredit Foundation

Nykredits arkitekturpris går til partnergruppen bag BIG

Partnerne bag den verdenskendte arkitektgruppe BIG modtager Nykredits arkitekturpris 2018, som er Danmarks største arkitekturpris. Med prisen følger 500.000 kr. til partnerne.

”Nykredit er sat i verden for at finansiere ejendomme. Det er selvfølgelig en særlig fornøjelse, når byggeriet samtidig kan være smukt, innovativt og sætte Danmark på verdenskortet. Det har BIG i særlig grad formået,” siger Nina Smith, formand i Nykredits Fond.

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The purpose of the Nykredit Foundation is to support initiatives within Danish trade and industry – especially in the building sector. This includes awarding projects that set new architectural and cultural standards for the benefit of all of Denmark.

Owing to the currently very low interest rate levels, the Foundation does not accept new applications. The limited capital available in the Foundation is used for projects initiated and proactively sought out by the Foundation. Nykredit's architecture prizes are among the projects initiated by the Foundation.

The Foundation also grants support to research or cultural purposes.

Biggest architecture prize in Scandinavia

Nykredit's Architecture Prize is the biggest of its kind in Scandinavia. The prize of DKK 500,000 is awarded every year to one or several architects who have – either personally or through their works – made an outstanding contribution to construction (architecture, urban planning, etc). The Nykredit Foundation has awarded the prize since 1987.

Recipient of the Architecture Prize

Prize for sustainability

The Sustainability Prize of DKK 250,000 is awarded to one or more architects who focus particularly on unifying architectural, environmental and climate aspects. The prize was established in 2015.

Recipient of the Sustainability Prize

Prize for building and construction

Nykredit also values building and construction by awarding prizes. We keep an eye on exciting developments in the Danish building sector and are proud to award three architecture prizes every year.

Prize for upcoming architects

Nykredit's Motivation Prize of DKK 250,000 is awarded to one or more talented junior architects, who have distinguished themselves among architects and in the public – also without necessarily having realised any projects. The aim of the prize is to encourage the continuation and further development of already evidently talented work. Nykredit has awarded the prize since 1991.

Recipient of the Motivation Prize

Jury panel

To spot the prize winners of the year, the Board of Directors of the Nykredit Foundation sets up a jury consisting of four architectural specialists. The jury is tasked with assessing potential prize nominees and making a recommendation to the Board of Directors that will make the formal decision.

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