Green bonds

Green Bond Framework

On this page you can find Nykredit's Green Bond Frameworks, Systainalytics Second Party Opinions and MOE's reports on energy labels and energy efficient properties.

Lejlighed med grønne altaner

Nykredit has pledged to support the green transition and has committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions from our lending, investments and own operations by 2050 at the latest.

We finance the green transition through mortgage lending and banking operations. Our green bond instruments help Nykredit diversify the investor base and provide additional transparency of funded projects with environmental benefits. Nykredit’s Green Bond Framework defines the loans or investments eligible to be funded by the proceeds from green bonds issued by Nykredit. The Green Bond Framework has been established in compliance with ICMA’s Green Bond Principles 2021.

Nykredit has engaged with Sustainalytics to obtain an independent second-party opinion on the Green Bond Framework 2023. Sustainalytics is of the opinion that the Green Bond Framework 2023 is credible and impactful and aligns with ICMA’s Green Bond Principles 2021. The criteria in the Framework’s categories map to 62 activities, of which Sustainalytics considers 60 activities to be “aligned” and two activities to be “partially aligned” with the applicable TSC of the EU Taxonomy.

The introduction of the Green Bond Framework 2023 implies changed criteria for green financing. The consequences for loans funded by the existing green covered bonds under the Green Bond Framework 2020 are clarified in the Green Bond Investor Presentation.